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Alan Morrison is a writer, poet, songwriter, performer and occasional actor. Originally from the UK, Alan is a troubadour who could be found in any one of a number of European locations. In whatever style he writes, his poems, songs and sonnets aim to encourage people to think, to inspire them to live, to feel and to love and even to stimulate personal change. During the past few years, Alan - as a multi-disciplinary artist - has been involved in a number of creative projects. Since 2010, he has released 3 albums and a book of poems, which you can purchase by clicking below. Each album has many great musicians and instruments. You can find out more about Alan's art on and on his poetry/music blog or his spiritual website

eBook: Vagrant on the Hinterland of Time: Poems, Songs & Sonnets

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CD Album: The End of the Song (2014)

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CD Album: Ride my Heart (2010)


CD Album: The Key (2016)

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